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VITARGO ELECTRO-ENERGY is a preparation based on the patented VITARGO® formula with the addition of electrolytes. This type of carbohydrate has a high molecular weight and low osmolality. VITARGO ELECTRO-ENERGY is a product recommended for carbohydrate supplementation in all sports. The recommended daily allowance is 140 g.

Vitargo Electro - Energy, or express energy for muscles

Vitargo is a unique carbohydrate for both bodybuilders and runners.

Vitargo is a product whose main purpose is to replenish the energy resources in the muscles in the form of glycogen. Muscle glycogen is a quickly activated reservoir of energy used especially during intense efforts such as strength training, fighter effort. The same glycogen, however, is as important in endurance sports as, for example, long-distance running, as it maintains the energy of long-term efforts. In any of these cases, the best form of muscle carbohydrate supplementation is the liquid form, ideally known as Vitargo. Of course, it is not enough to dissolve sugar in water to achieve express glycogen regeneration, let alone its overcompensation. Carbohydrates contained in Vitargo are based on the patented Vitargo® formula, thanks to which they pass quickly through the digestive system, without causing any digestive discomfort, unpleasant feeling of lingering in the stomach, which is very troublesome around training. So what's so special about Vitargo carbs?

Why are Vitargo carbohydrates so special?

Vitargo® is a patented formula based on complex carbohydrates (starch). Most carbohydrate preparations are based on simple sugars, which often remain in the stomach, preventing muscle regeneration and causing unpleasant ailments, often forcing you to stop exercising. In addition, they can lead to fluctuations in sugar levels, which are not recommended especially for people with high sensitivity to carbohydrates or suffering from diabetic disorders. Finally, an excess of simple sugars is also an undesirable development of adipose tissue. In the case of Vitargo, we avoid all these problems. Vitargo Electro - Energy is the highest quality regenerative drink after hard effort, but also, in isotonic concentration, the guardian of energy during long-term efforts.
Vitargo is based on complex carbohydrates with a high molecular weight, which is significantly greater than the weight of glucose. Thanks to this, Vitargo, having the same carbohydrate concentration as any other carbohydrate drink (over 90%), behaves in the digestive system like an ultra-hypotonic drink. This means that Vitargo, imitating an ultra-hypotonic drink (i.e. very diluted), without problems and very quickly passes through the digestive system and is then absorbed in the intestines. Thanks to this unique property of Vitargo, we avoid the problems that often accompany the consumption of popular carbohydrate drinks. Do you feel heavy after consuming training carbohydrates? Or maybe you are quickly overwhelmed by a strange drowsiness and bliss? This could mean you don't tolerate simple carbohydrates. Be sure to try Vitargo Electro - Energy.

The unique Vitargo carbohydrates support a strong electrolyte complex that improves exercise energy and post-workout regeneration.

Vitargo Electro - Energy provides not only carbohydrates, but also the most important minerals conditioning exercise energy and post-workout regeneration. The most important mineral training companions, which could not be missing in the high-class Vitargo carbohydrate preparation, are: sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Vitargo contains them in the right concentration, which guarantees quick absorption of carbohydrates by the muscles, regulates training hydration, muscle excitability and, of course, the entire cellular energy.


Active ingredients
Amount per serving 140 g** 100 g 70 g
Nutrition value
Energy 2120 kj / 499 kcal (25%*) 1515 kj / 356 kcal (18%*) 1060 kj / 249 kcal (12%*)
Fat 0,00 g (0%*) 0,00 g (0%*) 0,00 g (0%*)
   of which saturates 0,00 g (0%*) 0,00 g (0%*) 0,00 g (0%*)

124,73 g (48%*)

89,09 g (34%*)

62,36 g (24%*)

   of which sugars 0,00 g (0%*) 0,00 g (0%*) 0,00 g (0%*)
Protein 0,00 g (0%*) 0,00 g (0%*) 0,00 g (0%*)
Salt 1,58 g (26%*) 1,13 g (19%*) 0,79 g (13%*)
Calcium 448,00 mg (56%*) 320,00 mg (40%*) 224,00 mg (28%*)
Chlorine 434,00 mg (54%*) 310,00 mg (39%*) 217,00 mg (27%*)
Potassium 336,00 mg (17%*) 240,00 mg (12%*) 168,00 mg (8%*)
Magnesium 210,00 mg (56%*) 150,00 mg (40%*) 105,00 mg (28%*)
Active ingredients
Vitargo® 127,27 g 90,91 g 63,64 g


* Reference intakes
** Daily portion of the product


INGREDIENTS: barley starch amylopectin – VITARGO® (90,9%); acidity regulators – citric acid, maltic acid; mineral complex [sodium citrate; calcium salts of orthophosphoric acid; magnesium carbonate; sodium chloride; potassium carbonate]; aromas; sweetener – sucralose; colour – beta-carotene.