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TRICREATINE MALATE. CM3 1250 is a preparation containing tricreatine malate.
It is a stable, acid-resistant and highly soluble form of creatine.

CM3 1250 contains creatine, which increases physical performance in the event of consecutive short, very intense exercise. The beneficial effect is obtained when consuming 3 g of creatine per day.

Cm3 - ingredients
Creatine malate (86.2%); capsule shell (gelatin; dyes - titanium dioxide, patent blue V); anti-caking agent - magnesium salts of fatty acids.

Cm3 - warnings

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. The product cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. The preparation is not intended for children, pregnant and lactating women. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. The product may contain allergens such as: milk, soy, wheat, barley, eggs, peanuts and nuts.

CM3 1250 capsules - a new dimension of creatine, i.e. pure strength and a higher level of energy during training
What is creatine malate and how is it different from regular creatine?
Creatine cm3 Creatine is one of the first supplements supporting exercise energy. The most rapidly involved source of energy in the body is ATP. When the effort is very intense, e.g. we press a barbell weighing 100 kg, or during a match or fight in the ring there is a very dynamic action, the body literally gets rid of all ATP within 2-3 seconds. A series in a gym, an action on the pitch or a round in combat sports lasts longer than 2 seconds, so the body must have a means of quickly renewing ATP. This is where the creatine that recreates them comes into play. Creatine in the form of creatine malate makes it extremely effective.

The body's resources of creatine may be insufficient to cover the energy demand associated with exercise, therefore, in order to improve training effects, we introduce creatine into supplementation. The way through the digestive system is a huge problem for creatine. The acidic environment that prevails, among others in the stomach, it destroys this valuable substance, preventing it from reaching the place where it is supposed to do its job, which is YOUR MUSCLES. For this reason, creatine is combined with various substances that protect it against damaging factors, such as acidic reaction. One of the best combinations that stabilize creatine is binding it with malic acid, which results in creatine malate. It is available in a very concentrated dose (1250 mg in a capsule!) In Trec's offer as a product called CM3. Creatine CM3 is a form of creatine devoid of many disadvantages of the basic form of the composition of this supplement.

How creatine malate can be better than monohydrate, i.e. why do you not have to swell like a balloon during creatine supplementation?

Creatine CM3 Trec is a combination of creatine with malic acid, which protects it against premature deactivation (i.e. before it can reach the muscles). However, this is not the only advantage of Creatine CM3.

Creatine supplementation is often accompanied by the not always desirable process of water retention in the body. Yes, the training effects are getting better, but does it have to come at the price of a puffy appearance? If you want to avoid it, choose the form of creatine malate. CM3 Trec supplementation is a guaranteed increase in strength and training energy without excessive water retention by the body.
The use of the form of creatine malate is also not accompanied by stomach discomfort that may occur with regular creatine supplementation.

Where does the higher energy level after Trec CM3 creatine come from?
So far you have taken ordinary creatine and you are surprised that with creatine malate during training you feel a higher level of arousal and energy? In addition, the muscles regenerate faster between sets, being ready to take on more and more training challenges?
This is due to the greater absorption of CM3 creatine by the muscles, but also the presence of malic acid. Malic acid contained in CM3 Trec is an important substrate in oxygen energy transformations, which are an element of exercise energy of any intensity.

Who can reach for CM3 creatine malate?

Creatine CM3 can be taken by anyone who wants to increase pure strength and muscle mass without unnecessary weight gain. Remember - if your strength does not evolve, your muscles will not want to increase in size!

Muscles need several things to develop:

- intense training stimuli - reach for higher loads during training!
- reliable exercise energy that will cope with intense training stimuli - creatine CM3 Trec will increase your exercise capacity
- comprehensive post-workout regeneration

Creatine malate will be recommended especially in disciplines limited by weight categories, such as martial arts, efforts requiring great dynamics, e.g. team games.

Benefits of Trec Creatine CM3:

- CM3 creatine is higher a muscle absorption of creatine involved in energy transformations during very intense efforts
- creatine malate is an increase in pure strength and muscle mass
- Creatine CM3 Trec is an increase in strength while maintaining dynamics and speed
- creatine malate is a higher energy level in training
- CM3 Trec supplementation is not accompanied by unpleasant stomach ailments


Active ingredients
Amount per serving 4 cap* 2 cap
Tri-Creatine Malate 5000,00 mg 2500,00 mg
   of which Creatine 3750,00 mg 1875,00 mg


* Daily portion of the product


INGREDIENTS: tri-creatine malate (86,2%); capsule shell (gelatine; colours – titanium dioxide, patent blue V); anti-caking agent – magnesium salts of fatty acids.