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Casein 100, which is the perfect protein whenever the body needs an extended supply of proteins to the muscles
What is the specificity of casein?
The pool of milk proteins consists of two fractions: casein and whey. They differ in the kinetics of changes in the organism. Whey proteins are quickly digested and reach the muscles just as quickly. Casein behaves slightly differently in this regard. Casein trec is broken down very slowly in the digestive system. The amino acids released from casein are emitted into the blood for many hours.
Different ways of digesting and assimilating casein and whey proteins do not make some better and the other worse. Each of them is really needed only at different times of the day. Casein 100 is an indispensable form of protein before going to sleep, when we are fasting for many hours, and whenever we cannot deliver protein to the body on a regular basis.

Casein - perfect solutions before bedtime and whenever the intervals between meals are longer.
In the morning or after training, the body requires the supply of quickly digestible proteins such as Isolate 100 (link). This is due to the accelerated pace of metabolic changes. However, over the course of the day, we are not always accompanied by a rushing metabolism. Sometimes the body prefers proteins that will be absorbed slowly, releasing amino acids into the blood for a long time. And this is what casein does in Casein 100.


Long-digesting protein in the form of casein is a great solution before bedtime. When going to sleep, we must be aware that the metabolism is going to a very slow speed. Now the body goes to rest, during which it will perform various repair work, also in the area of ​​muscles tired with training. Then the system needs a continuous supply of amino acids that will enable efficient repair and anabolic processes. And these night needs of regenerative and anabolic nature are perfectly met by Casein 100 trec.
Casein trec can be an excellent form of protein in a meal, especially when you do not know when you will have time to eat. Taking Casein 100 servings will allow you to carry out everyday tasks without harming your muscles.

Casein 100 is 100% micellar casein, i.e. the natural structure of the protein that guarantees its high quality
It turns out that casein is not equal to casein. If you want to stock up on casein proteins with a prolonged absorption time, make sure that the product contains micellar casein and not one of the forms of caseinates. Micellar casein is the natural structure of this milk protein, unchanged during the production process, which proves its high quality.

In fresh milk, most of the casein proteins are in the form of dispersed, spherical, porous micelles, the shape of which can be compared to raspberries. Casein micelles are sparingly soluble in water, which means that this protein remains in the stomach for a little longer, forming a gel structure. But isn't it the extended digestion and assimilation time we expect from an extended-release protein like Casein 100? Is every casein always 100% micellar casein? It turns out no! Sometimes caseinins are marketed as a sustained release protein.

Casein 100 is not caseinate!
Prolonged absorption of casein trec differentiates it from other products based on the form of caseinates. In order to obtain caseinates, the micellar casein extracted from milk is neutralized with a suitable base, e.g. sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium hydroxide. As a result of this modification, water-soluble casein salts called caseinates are obtained. Caseinates are easily soluble and thus are quickly and easily digested in the digestive system. However, is this what we expect from a protein product with extended absorption? After all, when buying casein, we expect protein that will provide the muscles with a building component for hours. If we wanted an express delivery of proteins, we would choose Isolate 100 or Whey Perfect products containing whey protein isolate. In addition, the production process of caseinins involves the use of high temperatures, which we know are detrimental to the structure of the sensitive casein.
When choosing casein, always make sure that it is micellar casein, constituting 100% of the Casein 100 composition.

Micellar casein as a source of calcium (Ca)
Micellar casein has another important advantage. It is an excellent source of Ca. Ca ions, which form specific inter and intramolecular bridges, play an important role in stabilizing the micelle structure. Calcium, the source of which is micellar casein, is an important mineral that builds our bones and is essential during muscle contraction.

Advantages of the Casein 100 from trec:
- Casein 100 contains 100% natural micellar casein
- Casein trec is a protein with an elongated kinetics of changes in the organism, ensuring long-term supply of the organism with proteins
- Casein trec perfectly protects the supply of protein to the muscles during sleep
- Casein 100 does not contain a chemically altered form of casainate
- Casein trec is an excellent source of calcium


Active ingredients
Amount per serving 100 g 90 g** 30 g
Nutrition value
Energy 1529 kj / 360 kcal (18%*) 1376 kj / 324 kcal (16%*) 459 kj / 108 kcal (5%*)
Fat 2,11 g (3%*) 1,90 g (3%*) 0,63 g (1%*)
   of which saturates 1,46 g (7%*) 1,31 g (7%*) 0,44 g (2%*)
Carbohydrate 9,45 g (4%*) 8,51 g (3%*) 2,84 g (1%*)
   of which sugars 0,60 g (1%*) 0,54 g (1%*) 0,18 g (0%*)
Protein 75,90 g (152%*) 68,31 g (137%*) 22,77 g (46%*)
Salt 1,50 g (25%*) 1,35 g (23%*) 0,45 g (8%*)
Active ingredients
Micellar Casein 95,45 g 85,91 g 28,64 g


* Reference intakes
** Daily portion of the product


INGREDIENTS: micellar casein (from milk) (95,5%); cacao powder for the chocolate-coconut flavour; aromas; natural cream flavor (0,6%) for the vanilla-cream flavour; dried strawberry concentrate [maltodextrin, concentrated strawberry juice] (0,25%) for the strawberry-banana flavour; lyophilised banana (0,25%) for the strawberry-banana flavour; sweetener – sucralose; colour for the strawberry-banana flavour – cochineal red A.


Natural cream flavour: micellar casein (from milk) (95,5%); natural cream flavor (0,6%) for the cream flavour; sweetener – sucralose.


Strawberry – banana flavour: micellar casein (from milk) (95,5%); dried strawberry concentrate [maltodextrin, concentrated strawberry juice] (0,25%); lyophilised banana (0,25%); sweetener – sucralose; colour – cochineal red A.