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Diet supplement. BETA-ALANINE 700 is recommended in all sports, both aerobic and anaerobic.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Wash down a single serving of the product - 1 capsule with 300 ml of water. Use 3 servings a day. On training days: the first dose in the morning after getting up, the second dose 30 minutes. before training, a third serving immediately after training. On non-training days: the first dose in the morning after getting up, the second dose between meals, the third dose at bedtime

Beta alanine, i.e. muscle collapse, is no longer a threat to you!
Beta alanine eliminates the main cause of fatigue in high-intensity efforts

beta alanine It is natural that in order to achieve better and better training effects, we must subject our muscles to more and more intense training challenges. It is the extreme effort and maximum load that stimulate the development of the muscles. Often, however, we do not reach these critical moments of training, because we simply do not have the strength anymore, or the muscles refuse to obey us. This is the hated muscle collapse resulting from fatigue and exhaustion of energy reserves. The main cause of fatigue in the efforts of maximum intensity is muscle acidification resulting from the accumulation of hydrogen ions (H).

Muscle cells have their own system of protection against acidification, which is carnosine. Carnosine is a dipeptide composed of two amino acids: beta-alanine and histidine. Its main role is to prevent the accumulation of H ions. Thanks to carnosine, the muscles can work longer and harder because the acidifying H ions are eliminated. Unfortunately, the amounts of carnosine in the muscles are limited and often do not allow for the full implementation of training assumptions. It would seem that carnosine supplementation will increase the level of this peptide in the muscles. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Fortunately, we can achieve the maximum accumulation of casrosin in the muscles in another way - by supplementing with the amino acid beta-alanine. Beta alanine will effectively postpone the moment of muscle collapse, allow the body to meet the greatest training challenges energetically.

Carnosine supplementation does not make sense, but the administration of beta-alanine increases the level of muscle carnosine spectacularly!

Exactly why can't carnosine be administered to improve the accumulation of this dipeptide in the muscles? Well, carnosine in the digestive system breaks down, so it cannot reach the muscles. The only effective way to increase the concentration of carnosine, allowing you to train longer and more intensively, is supplementation with beta alanine, which is part of it. Beta alanine is an amino acid different from the rest of the amino acids and should not be confused with L-alanine. Beta alanine differs from its sister l-alanine in spatial structure, which makes it a completely different function. There is no way that L-alanine can be converted into the beta alanine configuration.

Beta alanine supplementation is necessary in order to achieve a higher carnose level, as it is not an amino acid that can be produced by the body. Histidine, which forms the carnosine molecule together with beta alanine, occurs naturally in food and can be synthesized by the body. For this reason, the only factor that limits the amount of carnosine in the muscles is beta-alanine!

It is normal for the skin to tingle after beta alanine!

Do you feel like you are doing your workouts half-heartedly? Haven't you increased your training loads for a long time? In the middle of training, your muscles are depleted of energy, so you give up the main series? Maybe what they need is Beta-alanine 700. Feel the slight tingling of the skin, which will confirm that the muscles have a high level of carnosine, thanks to which they will be ready for an extra hard training challenge! Remember, muscles will only be stimulated to develop when they are served more and more intense training stimuli. Beta alanine will help you meet them!

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Author: Andrzej Ziółkowski
Beta alanine prevents muscle acidification
Beta-alanine Beta alanine increases the level of carnosine in the muscles, which is responsible for reducing acidification.
Important: The main cause of fatigue in intense anaerobic efforts is muscle acidification. Beta alanine supplementation reduces them, contributing to increased power and strength.

The amazing potential of beta-alanine was discovered when the muscle composition of players in different disciplines was compared. Muscle samples of athletes adapted to long-term efforts (e.g. marathon runners) and those adapted to short-term maximum power stress tests (e.g. sprinters, weightlifters) were analyzed. The most important difference was in the level of the compound called Carnosine. The second group, more adapted to submaximal efforts, showed a much higher content of casein.

Carnosine is a substance naturally produced by the human body ieka, which is made of two amino acids: beta alanine and L-alanine. The main task of carnosis in the body is to reduce muscle acidification, which is the main cause of muscle decline in maximum-intensity efforts. In addition, carnosine also plays a key role in the removal of harmful metal ions, which excessively degrade the body, especially the nervous system. Carnosine is also involved in the elimination of free radicals. When its amazing possibilities were discovered, it was thought that it would become a breakthrough in supplementation. However, it was not like that until the end. Beta alanine turned out to be a hit in the field of increasing the body's efficiency in short-term, high-intensity efforts!

Beta alanine improves endurance
High-intensity efforts may be carried out over a limited period of time, e.g. because in their course energy reserves are exhausted at an express pace. However, the main reason for the inability to continue exercise is the increase in the concentration of hydrogen ions (H) in the muscle environment. This is the moment when, for example, during the main series of extrusion per frame, after performing 4 out of 6 planned repetitions, we are no longer able to perform more of them. H ions accumulate enormously during anaerobic efforts. The body can cope with this restriction up to a point with carnosine. However, its systemic quantities are limited. Hence, in order to increase strength and strength, carnosine supplementation, i.e. a peptide composed of beta alanine and histidine, was recommended at the beginning. However, it did not bring the expected effect, because this compound is broken down in the digestive system! For this reason, the best and really the only way to increase the amount that reduces muscle acidification is to provide a unique amino acid that builds its structure: beta-alanine.

Beta alanine - how is it different from other amino acids?
Beta alanine differs from other standard amino acids that build the structure of the human body because it is in the beta configuration. All proteagenic amino acids are in the L configuration, which defines the three-dimensional arrangement of the amino acid molecule. Beta alanine and L-alanine are theoretically the same amino acids, but "arranged differently". L-alanine cannot be converted to the beta configuration.
Beta-alanine cannot be found in the composition of complex preparations containing amino acids. Yes, some food products are characterized by a high concentration of beta-alanine, e.g. poultry. However, we must be aware that thermal treatment causes a significant loss of this amino acid. Hence, if we want to improve the efficiency of anaerobic efforts, it is best to opt for beta-alanine supplementation.

In which sports the results are improved by beta alanine
Important: Beta alanine supplementation will be important in high-intensity sports like weightlifting, bodybuilding, martial arts, crossfit. The availability of beta-alanine is required in order to obtain a high level of deacidifying carnosine. Histidine, which builds the carnosine molecule together with beta-alanine, is an endogenous amino acid, therefore the body has unlimited access to it.
Beta alanine supplementation will improve results in sports where strength, speed and power are of the utmost importance. These will be, for example: heavy duty sports, bodybuilding, martial arts, crossfit. If more than once during the training you thought that you still had a reserve and suddenly you don't know why, you lost your strength and had to stop training, it may mean that you have fallen victim to muscle acidification. In powerful efforts, the body is simply not able to get rid of acidifying H ions on a regular basis, as it is during aerobic efforts, because there are simply too many of them. At a critical moment, muscle collapse occurs when the muscles are unable to continue any work. This is the moment when the buffering capacity (deacidification) of muscles, for which carnosine is responsible, and especially its component beta-alanine, is exhausted. The second element that builds carnosine is the amino acid histidine, which is an endogenous amino acid, i.e. the body is able to produce it on its own.

Beta alanine and itchy skin
Beta alanine supplementation may be accompanied by strange congestion and itching of the skin, especially of the face and hands. However, it is the body's natural reaction to supplementation with this amino acid, resulting in irritation of the nerve endings. It is completely safe and natural. Most people see it as an additional stimulus for training.


Active ingredients
Amount per serving 4 cap* 2 cap
Beta-Alanine 2800,00 mg

1400,00 mg


* Daily portion of the product


INGREDIENTS: Beta-alanine (84,8%); capsule shell (gelatine; colour – titanium dioxide); anti-caking agent – magnesium salts of fatty acids.