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BCAA High Speed, i.e. universal BCAA with fast digestibility
For whom are BCAA amino acids important?
In fact, BCAAs are important for every physically active person. BCAAs are a unique three amino acids belonging to the group of exogenous, i.e. those that the human body is unable to synthesize on its own. Daily, balanced diet / supplementation should be their source, if only because of ensuring proper protein digestibility. BCAAs are very important exercise amino acids, which means that the body uses large amounts of them during any exercise. Supplementation of BCAA trec will be important both for people who care about muscle anabolism and representatives of endurance disciplines.

bcaa high speedBCAA as the most important muscle building material

BCAA amino acids are the three most important amino acids in the structure of muscle fibers. As the most important building blocks for muscle, they should be supplemented both before and after training. Taking a dose of BCAA high speed before exercise is part of anti-catabolic activities. The post-workout dose of BCAA trec is an essential link in the post-workout regeneration processes. At this critical time, when there is a unique possibility of post-exercise overcompensation, BCAAs stimulate the reconstruction of muscle fibers, which become thicker and stronger.

BCAA as a very important link in endurance energy

However, BCAAs cannot only be associated with large muscles. This would be very detrimental to BCAAs, which play an essential role in the energy of long-term efforts of moderate intensity, such as long-distance running, triathlon. During them, due to the long duration (over 1.5 hours), the body may run out of the key fuel, i.e. glucose. Then the body starts a natural physiological process (glucose-alanine cycle), in which glucose is obtained at the expense of BCAA breakdown. Where do you think the BCAAs will be obtained from? Of course, from the muscles, which unfortunately equates to muscle catabolism.
In order to improve the efficiency of endurance energy, it is recommended to dose BCAA high speed both before and during exercise. The easy solubility of trec bcaa means that we can easily enrich water or isotonic drinks taken during training.

BCAA High speed is a bcaa with a high content of anabolic leucine

BCAA high speed is a bcaa formula with special anabolic features. Of all the amino acids that make up bcaa, leucine is the most anabolic in nature. It initiates the important enzyme m-TOR kinase, which stimulates cell division and increases the production of insulin and IGF. However, to experience the anabolic effects of bcaa, the three amino acids that make up them must be in a certain proportion. The reference ratio of leucine-isoleucine-valine is: 2-1-1. It is preserved in the BCAA high speed product, thanks to which it will significantly increase the post-training anabolic capabilities of the system.


Active ingredients
Amount per serving 20 g* 10 g
L-Leucine 6000,00 mg 3000,00 mg
L-Valine 3000,00 mg 1500,00 mg
L-Isoleucine 3000,00 mg 1500,00 mg


*Daily portion of the product


INGREDIENTS: HIGH SPEED BCAA MATRIX(L-leucine; L-valine; L-isoleucine) (60,0%); maltodextrins; acidity regulators – citric acid, maltic acid; aromas; thickeners – cellulose gum, xanthan gum; sweetener – sucralose; colour for the lemon flavour – beta-carotene; colour for the cherry-grapefruit flavour – azorubine; colour for the cola flavour – ammonia caramel.