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COLLAROSE FISH is an ideal supplement for women who want to supplement their diet with all the necessary ingredients necessary to maintain a healthy and youthful-looking skin. Formula supplementing the diet with collagen obtained from fish and enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and biotin. The product is recommended especially for women who care about a beautiful appearance and who want to slow down the aging process of the skin and improve its firmness, color and elasticity.

COLLAROSE FISH contains the patented and produced by the German pharmaceutical concern GELITA fish collagen hydrolyzate, VERISOL, which affects the production of collagen from the inside, creating new collagen fibers in the area of ​​the entire skin, especially the face.

The GELITA company has developed this product for use in nutricosmetology and has clinical trials confirming its effectiveness.

Advantages of using VERISOL included in COLLAROSE FISH:

VERISOL consists of special collagen peptides - important ingredients supporting healthy skin. When used orally, VERISOL systematically influences the collagen metabolism in the dermis, and not only reaches the outer layers of the skin as creams and other topical products do.

VERISOL influences the collagen metabolism in the skin directly from the inside. It increases skin hydration and delays the formation of wrinkles.

VERISOL supplementation has a positive effect on the extracellular matrix of the skin and can help reduce cellulite. Unlike current cellulite supplements, which mainly deal with the problems of excess body fat or microcirculation / drainage, VERISOL directly stimulates the formation of extracellular matrix in the skin.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a form of protein that is the main binder that connects our skin cells and accounts for as much as 80% of its dry weight. Thanks to collagen, our skin is firm and smooth. Lack of adequate amount of collagen is most visible on the face and neck, where wrinkles and imperfections appear. The skin then sags and slackens because it loses its elasticity along with the loss of collagen.

Why Fish Collagen?

Fish collagen, however, has a very important feature, it is twin similar to our own collagen. It contains a high concentration of glycine, proline and hydroxyprocillin, i.e. amino acids - compounds that build our body. There is no such structure of beef or pork collagen, only fish collagen. Due to the similarity to human collagen and biological activity, the bioavailability of fish collagen is incomparably higher than that of bovine collagen, thus giving much better results!

The power of COLLAROSE FISH has been enhanced with other active ingredients such as: Vitamin C, Biotin, and Hyaluronic Acid. Thanks to COLLAROSE FISH, you are guaranteed the synergy of action and the positive impact of many ingredients that make the skin elastic, which definitely increases the effectiveness of the product.

Vitamin C

Only with the right amount of vitamin C, the body is able to efficiently and effectively produce collagen. In addition, vitamin C has a great impact on the final shape, correct and strong structure of collagen fibers and has a strong antioxidant effect.


Biotin is otherwise known as vitamin H or vitamin B7. It is also known as the VITAMIN OF YOUTH. It provides us with more energy, regulates the mood and improves the absorption of vitamin C. It is a unique vitamin from the B group, which positively affects the quality of our health and life. Although biotin has many different functions, its most popular action is undoubtedly the effect on the condition of hair, skin and nails.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is an organic compound that is present in every living organism. It has hygroscopic properties, i.e. those that allow it to bind water in the dermis. One molecule of hyaluronic acid is able to bind up to 250 water molecules. With age, the amount of hyaluronic acid begins to decrease, so it loses its ability to bind water and the first wrinkles appear.