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    Hi, my name is Mateusz and at the very beginning I would like to tell a bit more about myself for you to see if I would be the right trainer for you. I have been passionate about bodybuilding for the last 15 years, trying to develop physically and mentally every year. During this whole period I gained more and more knowledge about training, nutrition and supplement and this is what shaped me and still motivates to this day. I believe that my practical experience definitely puts me in a stronger position as I have experience working with different needs of clients and I know how to solve problems which may arise. I also love gaining additional experience by further education and trainings that will testify my knowledge and result in my work with the clients. I am also a bodybuilder so people interested in running for a competition can get in touch with me even if you are a completed beginner or more advanced with trainings and diet.


    Personal trainings can be purchased in different variants from single to set of 10 trainings, the price for training includes a minimum of 1 hour of training to a maximum of 1.5 hours. My main training location is Platinum Physique Gym Ashbourne where you can buy one day pass or/and monthly memberships etc. Please contact me to set the date of your future training. If you would have any other questions please contact me. 

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